Clay Street Center is a nonprofit organization that offers a home-like environment for adults ages 60 and over who need supervision, assistance, or a place to socialize.  Their website started out with a plain background, one font and color, with stock images.  After a consultation with the client, I learned how important it was to capture the caring culture of their place.  To achieve this, I began with collecting and taking images of the members, activities, and facilities.  I believe images can be the best way to show personality and encompass the culture.  With one on one meetings with the director, we were able to develop clear descriptions of the services they provide.  I was able to remap the site, making it simple and easy to navigate and find information.  Considering the nature of the audience, the goal was to make this site easy to use for anyone, including those who may not be tech savvy.  I was able to get direct feedback and create timely alterations for their approval.

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The Williams Chiropractic website was a new challenge. Being a company out of state, all of the consultations had to happen through emails and phone calls. While working on this project, there were many back and forth emails gathering existing information and content for the website. This project challenged communication through distance, but proved that with clear, concise communication can be effective.

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