- Hope -

Have you ever felt alone, completely lost in life, or lost within yourself?  There might have been a point when you felt like the light inside of you was distinguished.  You might feel as though you are disappearing, or if you disappear, will anyone notice?  I hope you have never felt this way, but sadly, I know there are many reading this who have.


But you are here today.  Something brought you here to this moment.  Something or someone was able to help you through, and be a guiding light in your life.  During those times of despair, I was wrong in thinking that there was no one who cared to help or be there.  There has always been some glimmer of light shining around, if not within me.  It might have just been a sliver off in the distance, but for each individual, this light could represent something different.  I began to recognize the light in my life as the light of God and the symbol of the friends and family who walked alongside me.  This is just only one journey, however.  Yours might have similar pictures along the way, but ultimately it’s unique to you. 

This idea of hope is difficult to capture, so I knew a simple photo would not do justice to expressing the power behind the hope that is within each one of us.  Editing allowed me to add more layers and dimensions to convey this idea. 


I hope you can find those who will walk with you along your path of life and fill you with the spirit you need to live a fulfilled life.  I hope you never lose the sight of that light which can help you find the supreme happiness in your life and give you the strength to be a light for others.

18x12 Nothingness.jpg


14x11 The Spark.jpg

The Spark

14x11 From Darkness to Light.jpg

From Darkness to Light 

18x12 Your Guiding Light.jpg

Your Guiding Light

30x 20 Transfiguration.jpg


30x20 Warmed by Love.jpg

Warmed by Love

40x 27 Supreme Happiness.jpg

Supreme Happiness